With the power that this kind of marketing offers, even if your site visitor does not convert with you when they visit, you still have a chance to win their business through remarketing, which although many people do not understand, once correctly implemented can be massively rewarding.

Although there are many approaches when it comes to remarketing, including Google, Facebook and other third party solutions, knowing how to implement not only the technology but also the campaigns can be quite daunting, which is where calling on Ian’s experience in the field is your next step to success.

In the most basic terms, remarketing is where you deliver adverts to people that have previously visited your site before, even if they have not purchased anything or made an enquiry. This form of online marketing is proving to be one of the most powerful over recent times, as not only is it fantastic for building up brand awareness but it is also equally fruitful for getting more sales, so it really is something that should not be overlooked.

If you think of remarketing as an instant reminder about you and your site when the visitor is actually elsewhere on the Internet, you can quickly see that this is a very quick, simple and cost effective marketing solution to get them back to your site.

If you have ever searched for car insurance online and got a few quotes, you will have probably noticed that when you go off on to other sites you will see adverts for car insurance. This isn’t magic, this is remarketing or retargeting, because you are keeping your brand fresh in your visitors mind, even if they didn’t convert with you at that time.

There are a few main ways of running these campaigns and of course running them cost effectively is key, so get in touch with Ian to find out more about remarketing / retargeting and how it can really do wonders for your business.