Search Marketing Simplified

About Ian

Ian has worked in SEO for well over 12 years, having before worked for property and investment companies running their Web Sites, Search Engine Optimisation and heading up new online developments. Ian has continued to offer high levels of results for clients all over the country, and with his passion, experience and knowledge, can really help your business succeed online and get more success and he is also Google Adwords Certified.


Ian is able to offer a range of services, proving that when it comes to online marketing, not only can he get you results, he will get you the right results. Every campaign that Ian takes care of is bespoke and designed for the client, as with this kind of marketing, there are no “standard” packages as every company is different when it comes to what they need. You can also find a full list of services on IS Digital Marketing – Ian’s main company.


Like any marketing tool, whether its online or offline, SEO is judged on results and successes, although coming top of Google doesn’t always mean that you will get results or success, meaning that making sure you rank for the right keywords is crucial. Working with clients all over the UK, Ian and his team have been able to achieve fantastic and long last results, proving that SEO can be easy when you work with the right people.

SEO is about getting the right results for the client, not just worrying about being top of search engines

By Ian Spencer