Ian is able to offer a range of services, proving that when it comes to online marketing, not only can he get you results, he will get you the right results. Every campaign that Ian takes care of is bespoke and designed for the client, as with this kind of marketing, there are no “standard” packages as every company is different when it comes to what they need. You can also find a full list of services on IS Digital Marketing – Ian’s main company.

Ian is able to offer a wide range of packages and services for all clients and although he offers a range of services, more information can be found by choosing one of the areas below:

Before working with Ian, it is important to have a quick chat with no obligation, as not everyone needs the services that he offers and Ian will never recommend something you do not need. He can also advise on what is best for you and then discuss further the next steps forward. Before any campaign starts, there will be a full website review and if necessary a report of changes that need to be made, because it is vital that if you want to get results from his work, you have to make sure that your website is optimised and free from any issues that could potentially cause penalties or issues later down the line.

Ian mainly covers Gloucester, Cheltenham, Bristol and the South West, but has clients all over the country, so do contact him if you need his services.

However, there are a few things that Ian will not be doing if working with you and these are:

  • Promise The World – Online marketing and SEO has no guarantees and takes time, therefore although Ian will advise and set his own expectations, it can often take longer than many clients would like to imagine. But, because the techniques used are White Hat and OK, once you do see results, these will often be long term results which just need work to be kept up there.
  • Tie You Into A Contract – Ian believes that although you need to give him the right amount of time to achieve results, there should be no contracts and you should be allowed to leave at any time. Hence, when you work with Ian / Clear Web Services, there are no contracts, although he will always advise you on the amount of time it might take to get results.
  • Work On Everything – There are just some websites Ian will not even entertain working on, so if your site does get rejected, there will be reasons for this and they will be explained to you.
  • Take Risks – No matter how much pressure is put on Ian, he will never take risks on an campaign. He knows what works and although it might take a bit more time than you want it to, there is no corner cutting or risk taking with Ian.

As mentioned, Ian does not work with every client that approaches him, because he knows that if he feels he cannot get the results for whatever reason, its best to advise you of this rather than offer false hope.