Getting hit with a Google Penalty is something no business or webmaster wants to face and if you have little or no knowledge of SEO or have maybe hired the wrong SEO Company in the past, then you really may not know what to do.

If you have received a Google Penalty or think you are subject to one, then although the recovery process can be time consuming and almost unknown, you can recover and Ian can help you.

Get in contact with him to find out more information about the services that he can offer when it comes to dealing with or identifying any manual Google penalty.

Ian has successfully worked on many recoveries over the past couple of years, some dealing with millions of links (and we really do mean millions!) and some that only deal with a couple of hundred, but no matter what size of your site, recovery can happen, so do get in touch. If Ian does not think that he can help you then he will always say, because there are occasions when the penalty is probably not worth your time and investment to get lifted, but in most circumstances, removing it is most definitely worthwhile.

There are a two types of penalties that you might find yourself on the end of and these are:

Algorithmic Penalties – No notice, no idea and often no real path forward, because although something is wrong as your rankings have dropped, you don’t know what caused it. Was it on site? Was it off site? Was it something that you had no idea you were doing wrong? These type of penalties can sometimes take longer to fix, but when you do, you should often see an increase in rankings once the problem is dealt with.

Manual Penalties – The message from Google that sends a shiver down the spine of the webmaster is often the one that will send you into overdrive. Realistically, think of it in a good way, because although you have done wrong, they have also told you what to do right, so it means you can act and get any issues sorted out. You will be notified of any manual penalties under your Google Webmaster Tools account.

Quite often, once you receive a message from Google to tell you about the penalty, it is very easy to panic and start making rash decisions or even worse, just bury your head in the sand and pretend it never happened.

The truth of the matter is that generally, these penalties do not just go away, although there are some penalties that have time limits on them and do expire, but these seem to be few and far between in my experience. Generally, whatever penalty you get will stick with you until you do something about it, and depending on how hard this hits your rankings will determine just how quickly you act.

Of course, some penalties might take a few weeks to hit your rankings, some might never even cause a drop, but just having a penalty on your site does mean you might never get the rankings you want or in the future, an algorithm update on top of the penalty could spell a massive drop for you and your site.

It really is better to confront the issue head on and deal with it, so please do contact Ian if you have been hit by a Google Penalty and we can look at the best course of action for you. Sometimes, you might be able to deal with it alone, but if you do need to use his services, he will tell you from the outset and will advise the best plan of action to get your site clean again.