One of Ian’s biggest areas of work is in SEO Consultancy, advising businesses and site owners what they need to do to get ranking and what issues they need to solve if they are not ranking.

When it comes to your website appearing in the search engines, sometimes, the most basic of factors can get overlooked and therefore your site never fulfils the full potential. The biggest issue that most businesses face when it comes to ranking is not knowing why they are not ranking or why their rankings have dropped.

Usually, it is simply a case of stepping back and looking at the whole picture and then narrowing down to find the real issue(s). Once you have identified what is wrong, you can then not only fix any problems but also plan a strategy to move the site forward and of course upwards. When you are caught up in the day to day running of your business, finding the time to identify issues and then deal with them can be challenging to say the least, which is why letting someone with sound knowledge and experience of the industry help you is very much the way forward for most.

SEO has changed more over the past two years than over the past ten, with the old school link building techniques now well and truly finished, to be replaced with what everyone hopes is a more fair approach.

Ian can help you look at your whole site and search marketing and come up with solutions and plans of action to make sure that you start to get the rankings that your site deserves. Although this can take time and much effort on your part as well, if you get the basics right and the foundations in place, there really is nothing stopping you from achieving your goals with your website.

Get in touch with Ian for more information about the SEO consultancy services he can offer. If you just can’t get the listings in the search engine you need or your rankings have dropped, let Ian find the cause and help you get where you want to go online.